Berkswell Motors, Unit 8, 405 Broad Lane, Coventry CV5 7AX: 07939500975
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  • Unit 8, Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7AX
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  • Evening viewings available until 9pm inside fully lit studio.
  • About Berkswell Motors
  • Berkswell Motors is a family business that was formed some 40 years ago by John Shorney. Formerly known as Chandos Motors based on Chandos Street in Leamington Spa, the business moved to John's home town of Earlsdon, Coventry in 1976. In November 2014 Albany Motors closed it's doors on Albany Road and decided to move to an 'appointment only' arrangement. With this change also came the new name of Berkswell Motors and the new location of Earlsdon Avenue North in Earlsdon.
  • Testimonials
  • I've known Berkswell Motors for 20 plus years and dealt with them on several occasions and so have members of my family. We have always had a fair deal and have found they have a good class of car, which is competitively priced. Berkswell Motors is a good reputable family business where the staff are always honest and courteous.
    Mr Banks, Coventry
  • The first car that I purchased from Berkswell Motors was over 30 years ago and since then I have purchased 7 other cars for myself and 4 others for my family. I have always been impressed with the quality and competitive prices that Berkswell offers. During the same period my cars have been maintained by Berkswell who still look after my current car, which is a Rover 75. I even bought my petrol from Berkswell until competition from supermarkets made them discontinue this service. All those involved in the Business have been very efficient and very courteous and I am very happy to recommend them to anybody.
    Dr Alexander, Kenilworth
  • Having bought 4 cars from Chandos/Berkswell over a number of years, I have always been impressed with the courteous service of all the staff. They look after any servicing and MOT's which makes things a lot easier for me. I am always happy to recommend Berkswell to family and friends on a regular basis.
    Mr P Johnson, Coventry
  • I've purchased four used cars from Berkswell Motors over the years and kept each for three or four years. The only problem I've ever had with any of the cars was a flat battery with one of them, which is a remarkable testament to their condition and reliability. My first car from Berkswell Motors was a 1996 2 door 8 valve Rover 214 - I last saw this being driven around in 2009 still shiny and white. My next two cars were four door - a 2001 1.8 Ford Focus and then a 2004 1.6 Ford Focus. My latest car is a new shape 4 door 1.4 Ford Fiesta which had extremely low mileage - four years old and under 10,000 miles.
    Mr Evans, Coventry

Berkswell Motors is a family run business established in 1974.

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